Where can we use Feng Shui:

Feng Shui For Homes
Feng Shui For Business
Feng Shui For Home /Business Offices
Feng Shui For Buying/Selling Property

With the help of Google maps, we can now measure your building’s orientation, and view the surrounding buildings and land forms.
As long as your property is visible on Google maps and street view and you provide us with some coordinates, we can conduct a remote analysis worldwide for:

• Pre-purchase for home and for commercial premises – a cost effective way to help you clarify if a home or premise will be positive and suitable for you – before you buy or lease.

• Residential or commercial consultation – a comprehensive Feng Shui analysis and report, focusing on ideal placement, colours and décor for your home or office.

• Design – to help you determine the ideal layout of your new home or premises.
With a Remote Feng Shui Consultation you have the unique opportunity to a getting a professional Feng Shui assessment anywhere in the world.
This is available for improving existing buildings, pre-purchase checks, as well as design assessments for homes or works spaces.

This can now be done anywhere in the world with the help of Google Maps, which allows us to get the exact magnetic compass orientation of your place – for the calculation of its energy chart (We reserve the right to not provide this analysis if this measurement is borderline).
Remote analysis for Homes
If you are renovating, re-decorating, rearranging furniture, or planning a garden, a Feng Shui analysis can mean the difference between a space that feels right and another that feels dull or irritating. We put special emphasis on:
• How to make your building vibrant, radiant and welcoming;
• Ensuring that your bedrooms are supporting your health and wellbeing.

Remote analysis for Business
The quality of business premises depends on:
• Having the most radiant energies available to your operations, and
• Environmental support for each person, especially for key staff members.
This will allow you and your staff to function at their best, in a stress free environment, conducive to their particular activityFengshui welcome page