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How Your Home Can Help You Lose Weight! 
Your home may be sabotaging your weight loss without you even knowing it. ..
Colors affect how we think, how we feel, and they even cause reactions in our bodies.
Look at fast food places ! They know this too well:) Their color schemes are designed to make you crave foods with lots of fat, lots of carbs, and lots of salt, and sugary drinks.
If you decorate your kitchen in the colors of fast food restaurants, you are setting yourself up for weight gain. What are these colors? Red, yellow and orange. Now you see what I am saying 🙂

The colors of your kitchen can make a huge difference in your weight. They can help or sabotage your weight loss efforts – but colors are just one part of the equation.
There are other aspects of your home that have an even greater influence than colors in your weight gain or weight loss.

In 1 hour Strategy Session, you will :
* Learn what is even more important than what you eat.
* The 4 types of clutter that keep fat in place.
* The real reason you don’t exercise more and whats helping you with motivation and willpower
* What room in the home is critical to weight loss (and is it’s not the kitchen!)
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