Insomnia is a common problem in both adults and children, may predispose to depression, memory problems, irritability and can increase the risk of certain medical conditions.

Sleep problems may be due often to the fact that the person will sleep with its head in unfavorable direction (Huo Hai, Wu Gui, Liu Sha or Jue Ming -calculated based on the date of birth as theories BaZi, one of the schools of Feng Shui ).

Among other negative effects that they bring into our lives, such as loss of money, quarrels, medical conditions or accidents, they can also hinder us to have a restful and relaxing sleep.

Another direction is not recommended to use for sleep is and Sheng Qi, who although is a star of prosperity and growth in his career, can generate a state of Permanent hyperactivity AND it can sometimes affect those who sleep in this direction.

According BaZi theories, one of the best directions that can be used by people suffering from insomnia is Fu Wei, brings mental calm, serenity, detachment and relaxation is especially beneficial to those who often feel anxious or depressed.

If this sector of the house Wei Fu is missing (which is calculated based on facade / sitting of the house) or external negative forms (electricity pylons, masts, etc.) can also cause insomnia, feeling constantly tired and can generate while phobias, anxiety, various psychological problems or suicidal thoughts.


Besides direction we sleep, perhaps even more important role it has the location of the bedroom and the energies present there.

These are different depending on each house, are analyzed in detail by traditional Feng Shui. However, as a general feature, a bedroom too Yang: very bright, noisy, colorful and shrill or used very intensively during the day (like office, etc.) may prevent the accumulation of Yin’s necessary for us to rest.

It is also recommended that the headboard to rest on one wall AND to avoid beds in the middle of the room, as besides sleep problems can predispose to instability and problems in a relationship.