Feng Shui services – Home Consultation

A Feng Shui consultation will give you certainty in how to improve your home – so it will feel right!

Don’t worry! It is designed to improve the feel, functionality and ambience of your place. My focus is on what can be done within the limitations of  the space – not to give you a problem!

Each consultation is individual for each building.  The visit at home It takes around maximum 2 hours for a 3-4 bedroom home and around 4-5 days to do the analyses.

It includes a site visit, a booklet with Feng Shui information relevant to the consultation, the energy chart of your home, recommendations and notes on improvements sketched on a floorplan, a verbal report and discussion to ensure the recommendations meet your needs and will work for you.


You will get:

      • Location of the wealth energy, including how to bring this into the home;
      • How to activate positive energies for personal support and wellbeing;
      • How to avoid activating negative influences;
      • Ideal colour schemes and décor for each room;
      • Ideal furnishings and furniture arrangement for each room;
      • Best rooms for each family member or specific functions;
      • Personal compatibility check and remedies;
      • Analysis of surrounding landforms & ideal garden layout;
      • Best position for a water feature(s);
      • Follow up communications via email or phone to fine tune recommendations to your satisfaction;

I can assist you in whereFeng-Shui-Tips-for-the-Bedroom to hang your artwork, in the selection of furniture, artworks and soft furnishings – with the purpose of matching the energies of your home.

If it suits you, I like rolling up my sleeves and helping you making some immediate adjustments in the placement of furniture and colours (I bring large colour swaps for you to get a feel of the right colours for each area).

To conduct the consultation, I will need:

  • Your address;
  • The 20-year period in which the building was built. If there have been major renovations, additions or refurbishments, I need the age period of these too. Periods are: …, 1904-1923; 1924-1943; 1944-1963; 1964-1983; 1984-2003; after 2004.
  • The floor plan, this is great. If not, you can draw up a scaled floor plan, eg. 1m may be represented by 1cm – the plan should be in the same proportion as the building.
  • Pencil the main furniture positions into the floor plan, eg. beds, desks, tables, lounges.
  • Optional: photos of each room and the outside;
  • Optional: what you would like to achieve with the consultation; any existing issues, if any.
  • A description who is using which room, what a room is used for;

After you email these to me and we are having our consultation, and I have received your payment, you will get a written report of unique Feng Shui recommendations as well as follow up support.

Feng shui questionnaire for Professional feng shui consultation

Good Feng shui consists of many interconnected layers. Our challenge is to get as many of these in harmony as possible within the constraints of your site.

Here are some questions that will help conduct the best possible consultation for you, and to take up the issues you would like to address.

  • Do you rent or own your property?
  • How long have you lived or worked there? What has it been like?
  • Optional: Do you have any information about how the previous occupants fared in this building?
  • Would you like to improve, renovate or design an addition?
  • Does anyone in this home have a chronic health problem?
  • What are the main activities that happen in this house?
  • Have there been any obvious changes in your wealth, health or wellbeing since moving into this house?
  • What area of your home/ office do you really like and are drawn to?
  • What area do you dislike?
  • The birth dates of all family members, key people in business – this is to check and improve compatibility with the building.
  • What you would like to achieve with the Feng Shui consultation?
  • Any other thoughts or comments that may help me to get a full picture of your situation.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about your place!