HOW TO FENG SHUI YOUR OFFICE success, money and more opportunities!

Office 14

HOW TO FENG SHUI YOUR OFFICE success, money and more opportunities!

I love the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s persistent, hungry and will do anything to get the job done.

It takes shear guts and perseverance to go alone!

To believe so much in what you do, you’re willing to leave behind the security of something stable and take the leap.

Yes, I do adore the entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are treated the same.

All the perseverance in the world will not over come a bad office layout.
Did you know that over time a poor layout can deplete you? Yep.

An inauspicious space will show up as fatigue, headaches, feeling anxious, unable to think clearly, overwhelm, and can lead to missed opportunities.

There are some layouts that even lead to deceit, things going on behind your back and even a scoundrel!

Most successful and famous people do it including Bill Gates, Oprah, Richard Branson , Jack Canfield – to name a few..

Few things to consider:

1. You must be able to see door from your desk.

The ideal Feng shui desk position has:
> a commanding view of the door,
> a pleasant view out of a window,
> a solid wall behind you.

You don’t want to sit directly in front of the door, but you should still see people coming and going. So your opportunities in life and business.

2. You should be able to see as much of the room as possible.

You want a commanding view of the room; it will give you authority.
The best position is on diagonal across from the door.
If a window is behind you, place a large piece of furniture or a plant behind you to provide stability and support.

3. The view from your desk is important, it affects everything you do.
Make sure the view from your desk is pleasing.
Avoid a blank wall, which will contribute to a lack of vision and a shortage of opportunities or chaotic views. Do not put your desk facing a blank wall- so it will be your life !

4. De-clutter your desk.
A cluttered desk indicates procrastination and mental confusion.
The only items on your desk should be items that you use daily and you should be able to reach everything easily. In addition, hide wires and cords.
A clean and organised desk allows room for new ideas and enables you to make better decisions.

5. Desk Size 
Your desk should be proportioned just big enough to work, but not so big that it overpowers the office or you can’t reach items on your desk.
A large, expansive desk connotes productivity and command over your business. However, if it get’s so big that you can’t reach items then you loose control and authority.

Feng Shui Desk DON’TS

* No windows behind you
* Don’t put desk in front of door
* Avoid facing a blank wall
* Don’t put your back to the door
* Do not have a cluttered desk
* Avoid poison arrows or soften with plant



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