90 minutes Intensive- Special offer

Special offer 

I have 6 years experience as a Feng Shui consultant, I had clients that I helped and by doing one or two things that I asked them to do they have seen major transformation immediately . They have attracting new clients by next day or two , they made more money effortless (double or triple ) and as bonus some clients found their dream partner (like in few weeks ) and some they even moved to their dream country.

I am working on creating the money for this amazing mastermind course I want to do and in order for me to get to my goal I need your help.

I offer a special 90 minutes intensive with me for 197 $ ( instead of 497$) 

The things I am gone teach you in our 90 minutes intensive will make massive change in your life. You can end this year with a jump start in your transformation.

🔥 My clients results:

>>> Increased income by OVER 60,000 US$ in 6 months and exactly with the same program helped other people so they achieve together another 300,000 US$. She told me that she would never consider that opportunity if it wasn’t for us working together.>>>

>>>Received a new opportunity in business, that this time could see it and she took it confidently, she made powerful connections and builded a team of amazing high achievers , was traveling the world and she enrolled in some International Life changing masterminds with her team , that changed her business and her life entirely. This all happened that she said Yes to working with me.

“ By doing ONLY 1 single thing that you shared with me I made 3,000 US$ in few hours on clients calls.
This works perfectly! I seen immediate changes in areas of: new amazing opportunities in business, financials, relationships and personal power.
Thank you so much.

Monica. D., Entrepreneur-Network Marketing

“I got a client in 2 days that I been chasing for 2 years with no results before.
In our very first consultation you have suggested to me and we have changed the direction of my office desk. AFTER 2 DAYS, effortless I managed to get a client to come at my office and to sign a contract. This is the very same client I been
chasing for about 2 years with no results. I fully feel that this is not just pure coincidence. I seen a lots of changes in the coming weeks , opportunities are showing up effortless.
So, thank you so much. ”
C , Fashion Store owner

““My business had transformed “
When I met Ramona, I was stuck in my business and I felt burned out .
She worked on organising the office space to support me fully and my business to thrive with the help of Feng Shui assessment and we had implemented the changes. Shortly after we did this I was getting more focussed, better vision for my business, the business started to grow and I was feeling supported by connecting with the right people.
She helped me with changing the strategy of my business, to create better and more valuable programs and focussed on better clients . Practically I had upgraded myself and what I was doing and felt aligned with my business.
Thank you Ramona for helping me with this transformation!”
Ana, Consulting

How does this sound?

Buy below and send me an e-mail : fengshui.tc.design@gmail.com, once you made the payment.



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