Feng shui questionnaire

Feng shui questionnaire for Professional feng shui consultation

Good Feng shui consists of many interconnected layers. Our challenge is to get as many of these in harmony as possible within the constraints of your site.

Here are some questions that will help conduct the best possible consultation for you, and to take up the issues you would like to address.

Do you rent or own your property?
How long have you lived or worked there? What has it been like?
Optional: Do you have any information about how the previous occupants fared in this building?
Would you like to improve, renovate or design an addition?
Does anyone in this home have a chronic health problem?
What are the main activities that happen in this house?
Have there been any obvious changes in your wealth, health or wellbeing since moving into this house?
What area of your home/ office do you really like and are drawn to?
What area do you dislike?
The birth dates of all family members, key people in business – this is to check and improve compatibility with the building.
What you would like to achieve with the Feng Shui consultation?
Any other thoughts or comments that may help me to get a full picture of your situation.
Let me know your thoughts and ideas about your place!

2 thoughts on “Feng shui questionnaire

  1. Kristina Hollinger says:

    Reblogged this on Kristina Hollinger and commented:
    When you get a professional consultation, I give you a few questions about your home and what you’re looking to improve upon. There are
    9 ares of the Bagua. We touch upon them all, but focus heavily on 3: wealth, health, relationships, family, children/creativity, knowledge, career, helpful people/travel or fame/reputation. I love giving tips so you can feng shui on your own, but a professional consultation will absolutely enhance results. ✨


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