Get more from your life with Traditional



Many people know about feng shui modern, two ducks , one frog etc but few have knowledge about Traditional Feng Shui and what really can do.

What do Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson , Donald Trump, talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, legendary producer Steven Spielberg and let’s not forget about Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka Shing (who reportedly has a US$21.5 billion net worth)have in common apart from being at the wealthier end of the spectrum? All are Feng Shui followers and integrating Feng Shui in their life.

FENG Shui are studies of life and the environment based on the Chinese philosophies of Yin and Yang (negative and positive forces), the Five Elements (metal, earth, water, wood and fire) and the Trigrams (Gua).

Each element has its potentially productive or destructive impact on the other four elements. The interaction of these elements could cause auspicious or inauspicious effects in one’s life depending on the complex calculations based on the movement of sun and Moon.

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