I help women entrepreneurs, executives & high-achievers gain clarity, take action and unlock incredible breakthroughs in their personal & professional life.

I am helping women to simplify and solve the most pressing issues in their life, Unlock the Incredible, Breakthroughs in Business, Relationships & Life…

UP LEVEL their success by:

1. Optimising and strategising their business, strategic execution for achieving desired Goals ;
2. Improving productivity
3. Optimising their working and living environment to work energetically in their favour.
4. Ignite their Energy
5. Align Themselves with their Power
6. MindSet and Strategy
7. Course correction and checking on the blind spots
8. Cristal Clear Clarity – and Simplicity in execution



Feng Shui for Home and business consultations and reports – 20%-30 Feng Shui for Home and business







Health is wealth

How Your Home Can Help You Lose Weight
Your home may be disrupt your weight loss without you even knowing it. ..
Colors affect how we think, how we feel, and they even cause reactions in our bodies.
Look at fast food places ! They know this too well:) Their color schemes are designed to make you crave foods with lots of fat, lots of carbs, and lots of salt, and sugary drinks.
If you decorate your kitchen in the colors of fast food restaurants, you are setting yourself up for weight gain. What are these colors? Red, yellow and orange. Now you see what I am saying 🙂
The colors of your kitchen can make a huge difference in your weight. They can help or disrupt your weight loss efforts – but colors are just one part of the equation.
There are other aspects of your home that have an even greater influence than colors in your weight gain or weight loss.
In 1 hour Strategy Session, we’ll:
* Learn what is even more important than what you eat.
* The 4 types of clutter that keep fat in place.
* The real reason you don’t exercise more and whats helping you with motivation and willpower
* What room in the home is critical to weight loss (and is it’s not the kitchen!)
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Professor Lin Yun’s definition of feng shui is as follows:

“Feng Shui is the method that people naturally use to choose and locate, build and construct, or adapt and change their working and living environments for maximum health, wealth, and well-being according to the knowledge then available.”


I’m offering FREE 30 minute Strategic Session for the next 2 weeks for women that want to:

>>Create full transformation in the next 30-60 days ? >>BE Happier, Get Paid What YOU are worth and Impact More Lives..
>>Get Clarity / Uncover The Hidden Challenges /Flow Freely Towards Your Goals

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The scope of Feng Shui

Feng Shui creates a favourable environment that aligns with your activities.


Our environment (house and office) is contributing more than 30% at our life and therefore in order to thrive we need to make sure that our environment is favourable, working for us not against us and influencing us positively .

Life is easier if you don’t have to battle against environmental influences. But Feng Shui does not do the living for you. It is your thoughts and actions that are instrumental in creating success or failure. You are the key in this. You influence and create your environment, and you also create your life experiences through the choices and attitudes you have towards it.

  • Achieve success through achieving harmony
  • Improve your wealth and prosperity

All about Feng Shui
With many years of experience on Feng Shui ,we can help you overcome your life’s problems, improve or maintain your house according to Feng Shui philosophy. Whether it is wealth, health or relationships everything can be understood and managed.

The Magnetic energies around you are affecting your Wealth, Health & Happiness for better or worse, whether you believe it or not.
Magnetic fields and energy they radiate are in everything that surrounds you. Sometimes this energy may be harmful, but with feng shui principles applied you can get rid of all the harm.


The Basics of Furniture Arrangement & Decor
The rules for furniture arrangement and decor are the most popular and commonly used aspects of the Feng Shui aesthetic philosophy in the West.
Knowing where to arrange your furniture and what accessories go in what room can help you create the perfect atmosphere in a room and keep everything running smoothly as you navigate your space. Remember, it’s all about conjuring a positive association with each room.



Incorporating the Five Elements

The Five Elements (those components that make up everything in the world – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) must all be present and in balance in a Feng Shui garden.
The universe is made up of these elements working together, and it is necessary to reflect them in your garden. The elements work together to create a harmonious, welcoming space. How the elements work together is called the nourishing cycle.

Your Personal Element




I was dating on an off for last years but somehow I was attracting the wrong man , that wasn’t right and not supportive . So I almost given up and I only focussed on my self on the last year.

I had my Feng Shui Assessment done by Ramona and she was wonderful . We had implemented the changes and within 1 month I meet the right person, we been dating for some time now and he is exactly the partner I always wanted in my life , we have an amazing relationship and now we are talking about commitment !

Thank you Ramona ! I am so grateful ❤

Livia C. , Business Owner , Dubai-UAE


Thank you so much, Ramona !

Before we worked together , I was feeling exhausted and didn’t sleep enough for years ! I was constantly tired and stressed and I did not have enough energy to enjoy all the activities I wanted to do with my friends. I had to pick one over the other.

I had trouble sleeping , I was walking up during the nigh and I was only getting around 5 hours sleep and in the morning I will wake up tired.

After you did the consultation and I followed your Feng Shui Report and recommendations , shortly after I stated to experience a good night sleep and in a week I started seeing some improvements and more energy . I am feeling more relaxed and things are flowing easily.

Thank you again for your help!

Andrei, Head of Department, Bucharest

When I met Ramona, I was stuck in my business and I felt burned out .
She helped me with changing the strategy of my business, to create better and more valuable programs and focussed on better clients . Practically I had upgraded myself and what I was doing and felt aligned with my business.
She worked on alignment of the office space to support me fully and my business to thrive with the help of Feng Shui and we had implemented the changes.
Shortly after we did this, I was getting more focussed, better vision for my business, the business started to grow and I was feeling supported by connecting with the right people.
Thank you Ramona for helping me with this transformation!
Ana, Consulting, Bucharest
I was feeling stuck and no longer happy with my job.
Within 2-3 weeks of my Feng Shui consultation with Ramona @ Feng Shui Design for Success – done via e-mail, online and Skype , I got full support and after I have implemented the changes, I received a promotion and moved to a different department which is more fulfilling for me. Now I feel more in control of my career and the incoming opportunities .I can’t thank you enough,
Anna B. , Manager of Department, Stockholm-Sweden


Girls with colorful shopping bags in front of shopping windows
Sales and productivity have increased

“Sales and productivity have increased significantly”

Thank you so much!!!

Before working with Ramona @ Feng Shui Design, our shop, despite our best intentions was not a relaxing space. It was crowded and messy , emotionally as well as physically. And the staff was feeling stressed .
After we received the report and implemented with each suggested Feng Shui change, the atmosphere has improved. There is a new sense of spaciousness, the place looks bigger and brighter, increased light and air.
The stress level has decreased and the mood of employees and customers seem more peaceful and relaxed; interactions more harmonious.
Sales and productivity have increased significantly stimulating modifications and expansion.

Thank you so much. We will recommend it !

Roxana, Store Owner, Bucharest